Atchayam’s Foodbox

We are FoodBox

Foodbox was started in the year 2013 with the idea of serving wholesome food to people on the move. How often have you had to settle for generic fast food  just because you were in a hurry?

We bring curated meals, several times a day, from the most popular restaurants in the city to places where they’re needed the most, places like train stations and offices, where you might just give up and settle for a bag of chips. Now you have the option of ordering a satisfying restaurant meal without spending too much time or effort.

We use a proprietary combination of robotics, algorithms and other bits of witchcraft and wizardry to serve you a piping hot meal within 90 seconds.



Patent pending Automated Retrieval System (ARS)



‘Container Mode’ For Rapid Store Front Proliferation.



Aggregation of Multiple restaurant offerings

It is easy to start a journey but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for us.

The Journey so far

  • Launched in 2013

  • Best startup award 2014 by CII

  • December 2014, 3 stores in Chennai

  • July 2015, Starts operations in Bangalore

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