The Anjappar Mega Meal is very special to some

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The Anjappar Mega Meal is very special to some

One of life’s little pleasures for me, is a hearty meal at Anjappar. I discovered the carnivorous delights of Chettinad when I walked into their restaurant in Koramangala, Bangalore, a few years ago. A visit to Anjappar quickly became a weekend lunch ritual. Each visit would be preceded by delightful anticipation and end with me complaining that I ate too much, but I never learnt moderation. At Anjappar, I don’t think moderation is possible.

Anjappar Chicken

Anjappar Chicken

The self-proclaimed global “ambassadors of Chettinad cuisine” have been perfecting their game since 1964 when the founder started his first restaurant in Chennai. They’re now in 9 countries across South and South East Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe.

Anjappar has been a restaurant partner at Foodbox for a few months now. We’ve recently worked with them to create what we’re calling the “Mega Meal”. It is loaded with their special biryani (chicken or mutton), delicious South Indian parota, some fiery Chettinad chicken curry, raita and a small portion of dessert. The Mega Meal is currently available at two Foodbox locations in Chennai: DLF IT Park and Central Railway Station.

So then next time I’m on my way to catch a train or looking for a little something to cheer me up on a dreary Monday afternoon, I know that the Anjappar experience now conveniently comes with Foodbox’s 90 second service.



Sheshank is obsessed with food of all shapes and flavors. He has a special soft spot for the more obscure meaty delights of southern India. He hopes to take his (highly unreliable) motorcycle over every little pot-holed road in each of these five states in search of more such wonders. When he has some free time, he also works with the Foodbox marketing team.

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