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Your favourite meal combo sold out? Never Again!

The meeting rumbles on, slowly, ponderously. Your stomach keeps reminding you, that its past lunch time. A glazed look in your eyes, you try really hard not to look at your watch. For the sixth time in 2 minutes. After what seems like an eternity, the “Thank You” slide comes up on the projector screen and you get that gleam in your eye. A gleam not unlike that in the eyes of an African cheetah chasing a gazelle on NatGeo.

Paneer Combo

The stuff of restless dreams

You toss your notebook onto your workstation and rush to the elevator, heart beating faster every minute. You’ve managed to make it all the way to Foodbox at Block 5 and you see the ominous red “Sold Out” on your favourite Tawa Paneer combo meal. Your heart sinks again, your mind quietly contemplating the alternatives of cafeteria “food” and a quick Seppuku.

If this doesn’t sound too dramatic, you have really experienced total food devastation. I feel your pain. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you work at DLF Porur, you can order online to block that meal, the memory of which keeps you alive during those unending meetings. You can start ordering at 12:30 PM for lunch and 7:30 PM for dinner and pick it up, piping hot, whenever you manage to get away. It’ll be waiting for you. I promise. This is where you do it:


Salil is a hopeless Kanpuria, lost is the gastronomic wilderness of Chennai. It doesn’t help that the Foodbox headquarters, where he works, is located in Ekkatuthangal (He took three months to learn to pronounce that). The only things keeping him alive are the feverish visions of various authentic Punjabi dishes featuring paneer.

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